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My Top 5 Shirts Every Man Should Own



What 5 Shirts Should Every Man Own?

That’s a question I’m often asked. Although, depending on your career, your companies dress code and your personal lifestyle it can vary a lot. During more normal times and if you typically wear a dress shirt to work, you should own a minimum of 14 dress shirts. Even if you don't wear a collared shirt to the office often, it's equally as important to have a nice selection in your closet for meetings, special occasions, or even date night. Having a minimum of 14 will allow a good rotation in your closet especially if you travel and can send your shirts to the cleaners for laundering.

Many of my clients have a lot more shirts because of their of love fashion and beautifully custom tailored clothing. This is only a minimum I suggest.

Type of Shirts

  1. White - 5 minimum (these can be textured or different patterns)

  2. Blue - 3 minimum (choose various shades)

  3. Favorite Color - 2 minimum (other than blue)

  4. Pattern Shirts - 2 minimum (plaids, checks, stripes)

  5. Casual Shirts - 2 minimum (think larger prints or floral or even short sleeves)



Because we want to give back to our clients and help you build your wardrobe we are offering special pricing on a select collections for ONLY $125 each (a two shirt minimum).

We are extending this offer through Labor Day, September 7th, 2020!! Don't delay though fabrics could sell out.

Please mention this post when you schedule your personal appointment.

Email: or call 312-914-9373

Kindest Regards - Brenda Swauger, Founder & Owner

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