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3 Easy Tips - How to Dress for Your Next Zoom!



We all have a NEW Normal and a NEW way of communicating with our clients, colleagues, and our family & friends, for now.... Working from HOME and getting on a Zoom conference call has become pretty common for a lot of us now! Whether you are getting on for a business call or to connect with your friends and family. For the time being, it's the safest way to communicate and be able to reach out and connect with others. I'm sure many of you have thought about what you should wear and how you should look before you get on one, so I thought I would share a few easy tips on what to consider before your next one.

3 easy tips to consider before your next Zoom!


Are you getting on a business call or it is with your friends and family? If it's a business conference call first consider what your normal dress code is when you go into the office or see your clients. If it's with friends and family....well there is a lot more leeway there and frankly I'm sure they won't care if you even show up in your PJ's, so it's your call, Friends!


During this NEW Normal we are all dressing much more casually so it really is not necessary to dress up when you get on a Zoom call. And what's even more exciting is that you really only need to consider what you are wearing on the top since you can position the camera to only see you from the waist up! So, if you want to wear sweat pants go right ahead, Friends. Think about wearing a sweater, collard shirt or even a fun sweatshirt depending on who you are getting on the call with. Consider COLOR too. I'm a big believer in COLOR and research shows that color can affect our moods positively or negatively. We all want to remain positive right now! So if blue is your favorite color and you feel great in it, than by all means wear it.


OKAY, so real talk and this is for both men and women! Men, please make sure you shave. I've been on a few calls and seen a few men that hadn't - yikes. We don't need to let ourselves go right now. We still want to have a little self-pride even though we are working from our homes. Big grin... Women, it's absolutely fine not to put on a full face of make-up or even have your hair curled and done. Put on a little mascara and a bold lipstick which will give you added color on the camera and put your hair up in a topknot or add a fun accessory! Put some effort into it though. It will make you feel more confident too! Again, consider you audience whether it's for business or personal.




What will your audience see behind you? It will be more appealing if your audience is looking at something that is interesting and charming. You can set up your Zoom with pictures behind you, green plants or flowers are great, or even a view of outside with the sky, grass & trees. Also, if you are planning on being on a lot of Zoom calls you can even create your own backdrop. If you have extra fabric, wrapping paper or even a bedsheet might work for a backdrop. Otherwise, Amazon sells some really cool ones you can order pretty inexpensively.

I hope these tips were helpful!!!



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Stay Safe and Stay Inside!

Sending Love & Light - Brenda

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