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Let's Get Our Closet's Organized!



Dear Friends!

Are you looking for an activity to do while you are home during our down time? Something you might want to consider is to get your closets and drawers organized! I am!

It’s a great time to clean, purge and a way to serve others too. You can donate items you are not wearing and that don’t serve you anymore to your favorite organization. An organization I have a partnership with currently is Please go to Cara Chicago's website for guidelines or email me for more information about this important cause. You can drop off your donations at where I am a member, once they are back in operation. Get your family involved too. Everyone including your kids can clean out their closets or maybe even their toys. 😉 You may want to supervise the little ones though.

Marie Kondo has outlined this for us in great detail. Check out her book which can be found on Amazon: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, and she’s even on Netflix which a great show to bing watch.

Things to consider before you begin.

* Only keep clothes that bring you JOY and that make you feel confident.

* Only keep items that fit - don’t keep items that don’t fit since this will not help clear out your space.

* Only keep items that you’ve worn in the past year. Most likely if you haven’t worn in the past year, you will not wear again.

Here are the THREE STEPS to get you started on how to clean out your closet and get organized.

First: Take all of your clothes out of your closet and/or drawers. If this feels overwhelming just start with categories: coats, pants, dresses, tops, shoes, etc. You can do these same steps in all of the areas of your home too.

Create 4 piles and grab large trash bags to put them in

1. Donate - pick your favorite organization. Most churches will accept donations too. Salvation Army and Dress for Success are a few others to consider.

2. Tailor - these are garments that may need a little altering, otherwise still in good condition. If you need a suggestion, I'll be glad to give you one.

4. Recycle/Trash - these are items you can’t donate due to poor condition .


The 20/80 rule applies to our closets!

Keep in mind most of us wear only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Which means almost 80% is not being worn, that's a big percent. There is no reason to hoard clothes or keep clothes you aren’t wearing and that don't make you feel confident!


Available virtually via FaceTime or Zoom! We are here for you.

Call: 312.914.9373

Be Safe and Well, Friends.


Kindest Regards -

Brenda Swauger

CEO & Founder of BKS Custom Clothiers

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