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How do I take care of my custom tailored garments?

Do you want to know how you should take care of your custom clothes after we deliver them? It's really simple, but very important. We want you to get the most out of your beautiful new clothes so you can wear them for years to come.


Are your suits looking a little shiny? You may be dry cleaning them too often which is a common mistake. Dry cleaning not only breaks down the fabric it can distort the shape of your garments too. Be careful when you bring them to the cleaners and how they care for them. We recommend you only dry clean your suits once a season at the most. No more than 2-4X a year, at the most. If you feel your suit needs a little freshening up ask your cleaners to only press them. This will give them a little life without adding any chemicals.

BONUS: hang your garments up on a wide wood hanger after you get home and this will add life to your suits too.


When it comes to your cotton dress shirts we suggest you launder them. They can be washed at home or at the dry cleaners, but make sure you request them to be laundered, not dry cleaned. If you wash them at home you can actually put them in the washer, yep you heard right, and hang them to dry. They will need to be pressed, but if you have a good iron it's no problem. Otherwise, if you take them to the cleaners and have them laundered, but make sure you request NO STARCH. This is really important, friends. The starch will break down your fabric and distort the areas where there is fusing like the collars and cuffs.


We hope our tips are helpful! If there are any other tips or information you would like us to share, please shoot us an email.

Happy Monday, Friends!

Brenda Swauger / CEO & Founder

BKS Custom Custom Clothiers

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