Brenda K Swauger

    CEO & Founder


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    Custom Clothing

    A Personal Investment



    A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.

    What to expect -


    We will schedule a personal appointment

    at your office.


    Most initial appointments take about one hour depending on your clothing needs. 


    We request you wear or bring your best fitting suit or sport-coat and dress shirt so we can have an informative conversation about what you've been wearing and the changes we will recommend. 


    There is a 50% deposit required upon your order.

    The wait - the turn around time is approximately

    4-6 weeks. 

    Of course, we can rush your garments

    for an upcharge. 


    Sometimes it is necessary to tweak your garments. If needed, we will get your garments turned around

    and back to you lightning fast. 


    Voila, your customized garments are

    ready for you to wear!

    Custom Suits

    Start at $995

    Custom Shirts

    Start at $175

    Custom Jackets

    Start at $649

    Custom Pants

    Start at $349